Oregon shooting on college campus leaves 10 dead

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Ten people are dead after a gunman opened fire at an Oregon community college Thursday, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said.Hanlin said the gunman is also dead. It isn't clear whether the gunman ...

Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force through a second EU referendum

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Angry Brits are demanding a re-run of the referendum following Friday's narrow decision to leave the EU A petition calling for a second EU referendum has topped TWO MILLION signatures - more than doubling the hig...

ESAT breaking news August 26,2016

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Afar People`s Party (APP) has taken a disciplinary measure on its chairman

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The Executive Committee (EC) of Afar People’s Party (APP) announces that it has discharged the chairman of the Party Mr Allo Aydahis Mohamed and Colonel Mohamed Ahmed Ali aka As Mohamed from all responsibilities. ...

the British Embassy in Ethiopia changes its travel advisory

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Dear All, 1. As you are aware, over the last few months there have ongoing protests and security operations in the Oromia region, some of which have turned violent. This prompted us to change our travel advice just...

Scores killed in Ethiopia protest crackdown

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Security forces accused of shooting dead people in Oromia and Amhara regions in attempt to suppress wave of protests. Scores of people have been killed across Ethiopia's Oromia and Amhara regions at the weekend, ...

Ethiopia – Wendi Mak – Alehu -(Official Music Video) – New Ethiopian Music 2015

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Ethiopia - Wendi Mak - Alehu -(Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015.....በህይወት የሌለው ድምጻዊ ጋሻው አዳል ግጥምና ዜማውን የሰራው፤ በድምፅ የተጫወተው ሙዚቃ " አለሁ " ድምጻዊ ወንደሰን መኮንን(ወንዲ ማክ)በአዲስ መልክ ተጫውቶታል ። ያድምጡት።Ethiopia - Wendi Mak -...

Yehunie Belay – “SEKEN BEL” ሰከን በል! Single Music

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[New Single] ሰማኽኝ በለው – ይብቃ በደል | Semhagn Belew – Yibqa Bedel

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MELAKU FENDIKA AND USHER መላኩና አሸር በአንድ መድረክ!!

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Zeleke Gessesse Ft Zion – Leben Eyew (ልቤን እይው ) New Ethiopian Music Video 2015

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Mech Eresahush (ሸዋንዳኝ ሃይሉ) by Shewandagne [NEW! Single 2015]

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Meselu Fantahun -“የውሸት ድግስ”- Yeweshet Degis – (Official Music Video) – New Ethiopian Music 2015

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Meselu Fantahun -"የውሸት ድግስ"- Yeweshet Degis - (Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015,,,,,,,,,,,Meselu Fantahun -"የውሸት ድግስ"- Yeweshet Degis - (Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015 http://www.d...

Athlete Zufan Tadesse -“አውዳመት ያስታርቀን”_Awdamet Yastarken_ Official Video

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Athlete Zufan Tadesse -"አውዳመት ያስታርቀን"_Awdamet Yastarken_ Official Video,,,,,,,Athlete Zufan Tadesse -"አውዳመት ያስታርቀን"_Awdamet Yastarken_ Official Video'''''Athlete Zufan Tadesse -"አውዳመት ያስታርቀን"_Awdamet Yastarken_ Offici...

Conversation with Tekalign Gedamu – Pt 1 – SBS Amharic

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Interview with Dr Melakou Tegegn – Pt I – SBS Amharic

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Interview with Dr Melakou Tegegn – Pt I - SBS Amharic...ዶ/ር መላኩ ተገኝ፤ የ “State and Civil Society, Ethiopia's Development Challenges” መጽሐፍ ደራሲ ስለ ልማትና ልማታዊ መንግስት ይናገራሉ። https://youtu.be/jhrHbeTP_vE

From Da’amat to EPRDF- The Zagwe Dynasty – SBS Amharic

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From Da’amat to EPRDF- the former President Mengistu Hailemariam – SBS Amharic

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ESAT Special Interview on leaving his Position as MD of ESAT Dec 28 2015

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Ethiopian marathon runner Hirut Guangul shows her solidarity

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Ethiopia’s Quad-Cities Marathon winner Hirut Guangul shows her solidarity with protesters in Ethiopia by crossing her hands high above her head. Hirut is the first Ethiopian women athlete to follow the footsteps of Fe...

2016 Berlin Marathon: Kenenisa Bekele on the Oromo protests

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Winner of Mississauga CanKen 5K race protests in support of Ethiopia’s Oromo people

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Ethiopia's Hajin Tola won the inaugural CanKen 5K road race in Mississauga, Ont. on Sunday and performed a political protest by crossing his wrists to form an "X." (Photo: Happy Films Photography.) The inaugural ...

Ethiopian Paralympian makes anti-government gesture

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Ethiopian Paralympic runner Tamiru Demisse crossed his arms above his head in a political protest as he went over the finish line in Rio. Tamiru came in second in his 1500m T13 race for visually impaired runner...

Tamiru Demisse made a protest sign as he finished second to take SILVER medal in the men’s 1500m – T13 at the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

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Another Ethiopian athlete and more a protest against the government of President Mulatu Tshome and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who have violently repressed several demonstrations. To win gold in the ma...

Almaz Ayana Wins Women’s 5000m Brussels Diamond League 2016

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Almaz Ayana, the Olympic 10,000 champion who set a stunning world record in Rio, winning is no longer good enough. She was supposed to set a world record after she fell just short of the mark earlier in the season. Bu...

Balageru Idol Latest Full Episode of Balageru Idol August 15, 2015

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BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show UK man on death row in Ethiopia 2015

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ethiopian woman stabbed on bus makes first trip ho- (ALEMNEH WASSE NEWS)

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Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) 2015 Opening Ceremony

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በ 2015 ግማሽ ዓመት 500 አሜሪካዊያን በፖሊስ ተገድለዋል!!

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voanews-ማላዊ ውስጥ 232 ኢትዮጵያዊያን ታስረዋል

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Ethiopian migrants arrested in Malawi https://soundcloud.com/voa-amharic/rp6fcip6f5by

UN experts urge Ethiopia to halt violent crackdown on Oromia protesters, ensure accountability for abuses

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GENEVA (21 January 2016) – A group of United Nations human rights experts* today called on the Ethiopian authorities to end the ongoing crackdown on peaceful protests by the country’s security forces, who have repor...

Very Funny Ethiopian comedy (Asres, Dereje, Nitsuh, Mitiku…)

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ጋዜጠኛ ግዛው ታዬ” ክሱ የሕትመት ውጤቶቹን ለመዝጋት ታስቦ የነበረና ያለአግባብ የተመሠረተ ነው”ቃለምልልስ-VOA Amharic

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የሎሚ” መፅሔት አሳታሚ የሆነው ዳዲሞስ ኢንተርቴይመንት እና የፕሬስ ሥራዎች ድርጅትና ሥራ አስኪያጁ በጋዜጠኛ ግዛው ታዬ ላይ የፌደራሉ የመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ፍርድ ቤት የገንዘብና የእሥራት ፍርድ ካስተላለፈ በኃላ ቪኦኤ ግዛውን አነጋግሮታል፤ ፍርዱ በሌለበት የተላለፈበት ጋዜጠኛ ግዛው ታዬ “ሲጀመርም ሆን ተብሎ የሕትመት ውጤቶቹን ለመዝጋት ታስቦ...

Comedian Dereje Haile special interview memorizes his sweet earlier time

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ESAT Special News Jan 16 2016

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እስክንድርን ሳስበው….(አበበ ገላው)

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ነገ በዲሲ በሚካሄደው ፭ኛው የኢሳት ልደት ላይ ለመገኘት እየበረርኩ ነው። በደመና መሃል እየተጓዙ ምድር ላይ ያሉ ወዳጅ ዘምድን ማሰብ የተለመደ ነገር ይመስለኛል። በአሜሪካን ሰማይ ላይ አሻግሬ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ በአይነ ህሊናዬ ሳማትር አንድ ሰው ጎልቶ እና ገዝፎ ታየኝ። እስክንድር በጨለማ ቤት ተጠፍንገው ከሰው በላይ ገዝፈውና ጎልተው ከታዩኝ ጥቂ...

ESAT Breaking News Ato Bekele Negea Dec 21, 2015

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ESAT Special Program Vision Ethiopia & ESAT Conference Part 4

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Meron Getnet First Interview after she gave birth to Her first Child

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VIDEO: Acting Fifa president Hayatou sleeps through press conference

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t would surprise few people if those involved with Fifa have been enduring sleepless nights of late, particularly after the latest round of arrests in Zurich on Thursday. But it seems the lack of sleep has caught w...