Ethiopia’s Electioneering in Somalia

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horseedmedia : Let’s start with the basic facts: Ethiopia is desperately trying to get Hassan Sheikh Mohamud re-elected as a president of Somalia. The evidence of this effort was encapsulated in a recent report by a t...

Saudi arrests hundreds of suspected members of ISIL

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Interior ministry says operation has helped thwart attacks on mosques, security forces and a diplomatic mission. Saudi Arabia has arrested 431 people suspected of belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant...

Soap actor Znah-Bzu Tsegaye flees Ethiopia

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Prominent Ethiopian actor Znah-Bzu Tsegaye has sought asylum in the US after leaving the country about two months ago, he told Voice of America. The actor was in a weekly soap opera Sew Le Sew on state television. ...

Somalia’s US Embassy Reopens After 24 Years

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For the first time in almost a quarter-century, Somalia has an embassy in the United States. The Somali government reopened its embassy in Washington at a ceremony Wednesday attended by U.S. Assistant Secretary of ...

Ethiopia’s state of emergency will work

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The Oct. 12 editorial “State of emergency” concluded that with a state of emergency, Ethiopia’s leaders are borrowing a brutal tactic from dictators and trying to put a cork in genuine popular dissent, and said “i...

Saudi Arabia executes Ethiopian maid for killing child

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Saudi authorities on Monday executed an Ethiopian housemaid convicted of killing the child of her employer more than three years ago, the interior ministry said. The ministry noted in a statement that the execu...

Ethiopia – Wendi Mak – Alehu -(Official Music Video) – New Ethiopian Music 2015

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Ethiopia - Wendi Mak - Alehu -(Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015.....በህይወት የሌለው ድምጻዊ ጋሻው አዳል ግጥምና ዜማውን የሰራው፤ በድምፅ የተጫወተው ሙዚቃ " አለሁ " ድምጻዊ ወንደሰን መኮንን(ወንዲ ማክ)በአዲስ መልክ ተጫውቶታል ። ያድምጡት።Ethiopia - Wendi Mak -...

Yehunie Belay – “SEKEN BEL” ሰከን በል! Single Music

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[New Single] ሰማኽኝ በለው – ይብቃ በደል | Semhagn Belew – Yibqa Bedel

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MELAKU FENDIKA AND USHER መላኩና አሸር በአንድ መድረክ!!

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Zeleke Gessesse Ft Zion – Leben Eyew (ልቤን እይው ) New Ethiopian Music Video 2015

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Mech Eresahush (ሸዋንዳኝ ሃይሉ) by Shewandagne [NEW! Single 2015]

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Meselu Fantahun -“የውሸት ድግስ”- Yeweshet Degis – (Official Music Video) – New Ethiopian Music 2015

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Meselu Fantahun -"የውሸት ድግስ"- Yeweshet Degis - (Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015,,,,,,,,,,,Meselu Fantahun -"የውሸት ድግስ"- Yeweshet Degis - (Official Music Video) - New Ethiopian Music 2015 http://www.d...

Gelila Bekele Interview at Seifu Show Part 2

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Gelila Bekele Interview at Seifu Show Part 2..ዓለም አቀፍ ሞዴል ገሊላ በቀለ ከሰይፉ በኢቢኤስ ጋር ያደረገቸው ቃለምልልስ ክፍል አንድን ማቅረባችን የሚታወስ ሲሆን ክፍል ሁለትን ይመልከቱ።Gelila Bekele Interview at Seifu Show Part 2..ዓለም አቀፍ ሞዴል ገሊላ በቀለ ከሰይፉ በኢቢኤስ ጋር ያ...

Interview with Prince Dr Asfa-Wossen Asserate – Pt 3 – SBS Amharic

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OMN AMHARIC PROGRAM- Interview with Abdullahi Hussein 19 Nov 2016

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ESAT Bezhisamint Dr Merera Gudina July 2 2016

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ESAT Bezhisamint Dr Merera Gudina July 2 2016 [jwplayer mediaid="15230"]

Interview with Gebremedhin Araya – SBS Amharic

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Interview with Gebremedhin Araya - SBS Amharic [jwplayer mediaid="14269"]

Tola of Ethiopia sets course record in Dubai Marathon upset

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Kenenisa Bekele drops out, debutant Worknesh Degefa takes women’s race title Dubai: Tamirat Tola from Ethiopia won the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon with a timing of 2:04:11sec in the men’s race while Worknesh ...

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo wins Fifa Best Men’s Player of the Year award

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Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Fifa Best Men’s Player of the Year award for 2016. The Portugal international defeated Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann to the prize, a...

Feyisa Lilesa and Kenenisa Bekele in London Marathon Field

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The elite men’s race is set to feature seven sub-2:06 marathoners, while Chris Thompson is among the Brits in action as he eyes a London 2017 spot (ATHLETICS WEEKLY) — Ethiopian legend Kenenisa Bekele is among thos...

Feyisa Lilesa: Ethiopia’s Olympic protester hopes to compete for his country

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Ethiopian Olympic marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa still hopes to compete for his country - despite being exiled since last summer's Games. Lilesa has been living in the US on a temporary visa after making an anti-gov...


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Miruts Yifter, a double Olympic champion for Ethiopia at the 1980 Olympic Games, died yesterday (22) in Toronto, Canada, after being hospitalised for respiratory ailments. Yifter, considered by many as one of the gre...

Ethiopia to impose lifetime bans on drug cheats

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Ethiopia, one of five countries the IAAF says is in "critical care" over its drug-testing systems, will impose lifetime bans on drug cheats, the new president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF) said on Wednes...

ደርግ ተራማጅ ነው! (አፈንዲ ሙተቂ)

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አዎን! ብዙ ጊዜ “ደርግ ጨፍጫፊ ነው” ስንል ነበረ አይደል…? ዛሬ ደግሞ ደርግ ተራማጅ ነው እንል ዘንድ ሁኔታዎች አስገድደውናል፡፡ ታዲያ ሁለቱም ትክክል መሆኑን ልብ በሉ፡፡ ደርግ እስከ አፍንጫ ድረስ በታጠቀው የጦር ሰራዊቱ እልፍ አዕላፍ የሚሆን ህዝብ ጨርሷል፡፡ ዜጎች ቀይ ሽብር በተባለው የቀይ ደም ትርኢት እየተገደሉ አስከሬናቸው ሜዳ ላይ...

Norwegian embassy in Addis Ababa continue to warn its citizens

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Translated as: There is still an unstable and unpredictable situation in Oromia region, although it has become quieter over the past week. The unrest could flare up again and it still can quickly cause serious secur...

አንዳንዴ ሲገርመኝ ግርም ይለኛል ፌስቡክ ላይ ወክ…… (ግሩም ተ/ሀይማኖት)

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ፌስቡክ ላይ ወክ…...በቃ ያልተለመደ ቢሆንም እኔ ለመድኩ...ታዲያ ገርሞኝ ገርሞኝ ግርምቴ ንሮ ንሮ ድንቀት (መደነቅ) ይወለዳል። አንዳንዴ ሲገርመኝ ግርም ይለኛል፡፡ በቃ! እንዲሁ ከምድር ተነስቶ ግርም ይለኛል፡፡ ግን ስለ እውነት ከምድር ይነሳ ከሰማይ አለያም ከውስጤ…ተነስቶ ይግረመኝ እንጃ!! እውነታው ግን ግርም የሚለኝ ብዙ ነገር ቢሆ...

የብርሃኑ ተዘራ “ወገኔ “ዘፈን በደቡብ አፍሪካ 2o15

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Interview with Seifu Fantahun on His upcoming Marriage

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ESAT Special News Jan 22, 2016

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A University teacher who tried to rape his student arrested 2015

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Fikirte Addis. Designing contemporary Ethiopian garments with a traditional soul

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Ethiopia: Tilahun Gugssa’s Emotional Speech at Seble Tefera Memorial Service in VA – September 2015

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Ethiopia: Tilahun Gugssa's Emotional Speech at Seble Tefera Memorial Service in VA - September 2015...አርቲስት ሰብለ ተፈራን ለማሰብ በArlington Virginia በተዘጋጀው የሻማ ማብራትና የጸሎት ዝግጅት ላይ አንጋፋው አርቲስት ጥላሁን ጉግሳ ያደረገው ልብ የሚነካ ንግግር http...

Words from Reyot Alemu & Zelalem Kibret

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የአቶ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ አዲሱ አቋም መነሻው ምን ሊሆን ይችላል? (ሸንቁጥ አየለ)

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አቶ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ ማለትም ባንድ ወቅት ኤርትራ ድረስ ሄዶ የትጥቅ ትግሉን የባረከው ሰው አሁን ትግል ኤርትራ ውስጥ ፈጽሞ መሆን የለበትም እያለ ነው:: ሰሞኑን በፓል ቶክ የሰጠውን ቃለ መጠይቅ አደመጥኩት:: አቶ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ የትግሉ መሰረት ኤርትራ መሆን አለበት ያልኩትና የተሳሳትኩት ያን ጊዜ በነበረው ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ መስሎኝ ነበር ሲል አደ...

UK gives Ethiopia £30m to fight drought similar in scale to 1984 crisis

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Visiting Ethiopia, UK minister Nick Hurd says although government response has been impressive, relentless drought is ‘pushing millions to the brink’ The UK will provide an extra £30m in aid for Ethiopia, where a p...

Ethiopia – Tamagne Beyene’s Emotional Speech at Reeyot Alemu Recognition Luncheon by CREW

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ትንታግ ብዕር ነጠፈ!! (አስፋ ጫቦ)

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Corpus Christi, Texas, USA ወንድሜ፤ጓደኛዬ ፤ሙሉጌታ ሉሌ ተለየን! የቀበሩ ስነስርአት መስከረም 27,2008 (October 8,2015) እስክንድሪያ ፤ቨርጂኒያ፤አሜሪካ(Alexandria,Verginia,USA) ተፈጽሟል። የግዴን በሰዉ አገር ሟቾች ሙሾ አዉራጅ ሆንኩኝ። ሌላው ወንድሜ፤ሻለቃ ፍስሀ ገዳ ከጥቂት ወራቶች በፊት ...